Usage Essentials

You’ll be requested to edit your profile once you’ve signed in to your MyGroundBiz FedEx account. To update your profile, fill in the needed fields and click the Update Profile button. Only persons who are legally residing in the United States or Canada are eligible.

MyGroundBiz Portal Requirements

Take a look at the following primary criteria for using this web portal:

  • A computer or other electronic device that enables you to access the online portal.
  • A high-speed internet connection that allows users to access this portal’s website.
  • Your username and password are part of your login credentials. Keep in mind that these credentials serve as a key to gaining access to your online account.
  • It will just take a few minutes to use our web gateway.
  • The MyGroundBiz Login account is a portion of, which provides all of the important information that can be viewed after registering on this site.

After registering on this web portal, a MyGroundBiz employee receives a slew of benefits. One of the main advantages of this login portal is that it provides users with the most up-to-date information and updates.

To get the most recent news and general portal information, type into your browser’s address bar. MyGroundBiz features popular videos, corporate news, dealer links, and a user page where you can buy and sell cars.

MyGroundBiz is a FedEx partner portal where users can easily login in to access the most up-to-date information on all vendors, billing, and shipping for a specific company.

People in the United States adore the MyGroundBiz Login portal. Using this gateway is a breeze for almost all employees. Due to a server outage or a slow internet connection, this portal may be delayed at times. In such a situation, don’t be terrified. After a period, this portal will be restored.